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Zen meeting space




... is a proposal for an additional meeting space on the top of 6-9 Eldon Street offices of the Broadgate framework.


How many times did you go to a presentation fully prepared, yet stress and anxiety stops you from saying a word? How many times were you lacking inspiration and immersed yourself in nature to find some? We are designing to comfort, and believe nature plays a key role on conveying some, a space where interaction and socialization becomes natural.

For sustainability, the green roof along with the Accoya timber, mineral wool insulation and triple glazed glass, will allow the building to have an overall low u-value, keeping its thermal and acoustic insulation throughout the year, taking inspiration from passive technology, by having an airtight but well ventilated design. The inclined roof will allow water to flow towards the garden drainage system, to be recycled as greywater for the building and to maintain the greenery of the roof.

Upon entering the space, a variety of options opens up. The main meeting room (1) offers not only the best view of the Broadgate site, but also a transparent openable facade leading to the lecture space (2) which enables more than 25 people to attend a lecture at once. An adjacent terrace is right behind the door allowing people from the lecture to have a break whilst maintaining contact with the site. Afterwards, people are welcome to use the quiet space (3) to reflect or relax surrounded by greenery in the middle of London.

PROGRAMME: meeting space


STATUS: student competition

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