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Matcha tea room

... is a speculative ceremonial yet informal design in the centre of Prague. The aim is not a literal translation, instead this tea room is a reinterpretation of a traditional Eastern typology.


What is borrowed from the Eastern approach of tea ritual is the surrounding atmosphere. It is to be a highly intimate experience in a dim, earthly environment where the sole focus lies on the tea. Located in the historical city centre, the project takes advantage of the rigid boundary - a thick load-bearing masonry wall with low ceiling - and presses space to the minimum.


The room is divided into 3 components - earth, sky and the in-between. Whereas the earth and the sky aspects are frequently articulated in architecture and pop-culture alike, the in-between is hard to grasp. It is not to be understood as left-over, residual space. Instead it is the main substance, the one that is created through human occupation. The tangible is only the supporting actor. The in-between is ultimate missing sculpture.

PROGRAMME: tea room

LOCATION: Prague, Czech Republic

STATUS: speculative concept design

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