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The meander

... is a design of a new Deptford Creek learning centre predicated on the observations from the Barcelona field trip (see here). The main point of focus is the study of thresholds. By analysing and trying to understand their importance, the project developed.


Upon coming back from the trip, I started working on a series of prints. Originating from the threshold studies, the prints became the base for the cast. At times leaving rationale aside, I freely transformed the model to try different iterations. 

The welding process was a totally free one, without a coherent vision. The only task was to create "surroundings" for the cast. When the piece felt done, I started analysing it. Taking apart pieces allowed me to perceive this sculpture more as an architectural model - as almost a series of unintentional spaces. 

Placing it on the site in Deptford Creek became the biggest challenge. Instead of following the dramatic language of the previous models, I opted for a more reserved approach partly losing the connections with the valuable field trip observations. 

The design, however, successfully sustained the key principles. A very strong threshold slowly guides people inside. It is not merely a line on the floor but a proper welcoming space holding one's body in various positions. After leaving this space, a long ramp appears in front allowing kids to run freely to the classroom upstairs. The boot room follows, creating a seamless transition between learning and the much-awaited river exploration. After coming back, additional outside meeting space is available on the sloping roof by the existing pond. 

In addition, the public is offered a generous space on the roof. The path up is framed by a tensile structure usable for exhibiting e.g. river discoveries. By adopting these principles, people from the residential area or the offices gain new quality public space. 

PROGRAMME: learning centre

SITE: 400 sqm

STATUS: UEL year 1 term 2+3 project









credits: Flores & Prats

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