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The Broadgate Spark


harry ebdali

... is a design for a hoarding wall for the 2-3 Finsbury Ave building. As an advance guard for the new 3XN design, this wall reflects the form of the upcoming landmark.


Shying away from the standard 2D boundary, the Spark creates a non-directive transition between exterior and interior, and thanks to its translucent and layered nature, allowing multiple uses on a small area as well as secure yet variable relationship with the construction site. The modular approach allows for different functions around the perimeter - an art gallery on the north, a marketing/information “beacon” for passersby on the west, a support of the businesses at Whitecross Place, a dance performance backdrop/inhabitable “capsule” to enliven the underappreciated, human-scale-less Finsbury Square.


Furthermore, the panels can be easily reused after the hoarding is no longer needed. Combining all of the above, this people-oriented, bold, sustainable design will be an exciting representative of the largest pedestrian neighbourhood in Central London.

PROGRAMME: hoarding wall


STATUS: student competition

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